BookVine will help kids find their next great read easily!
BookVine has almost 300 books & 40+ book series that are categorized by age, so you can easily find your next read without any hassle. With links to get the book directly from your local county library or Amazon - all in one place! There are also personally written reviews for all the series, with reviews coming for all books as well.

I am a middle schooler and an avid reader - I created this site from the books that I have read - to solve the problem that many kids and their parents face - finding the next book that are both great and age appropriate for kids to read. Hope you like it!
Please note: There is no one size fits all but my recommendations are something you can use as a starting point.   Also, the library locations and Amazon links are limited to the US for now. Be sure to select your local library in the dropdown below.

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