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My name is Shravan R and I am in middle school. I really love to read books, and my dad always used to spend a long time just looking at what book I can read next. I wanted to alleviate this problem for others, so I created a website to help others find what books they want to read next quickly, without having to spend a lot of time finding the age rating, reviews, availability etc. Also with both your Local county library and Amazon links so you can use either option to get it quickly.

Oh and by the way, all the books added to this website are books that I have read and the reviews are written by me.  

Online libraries are a pretty underrated way of reading books (especially ebooks). You can easily get books from the library for you to read, and they are free as well! When Covid-19 started, e-books started to become a lot more popular, because many people weren't able to go to libraries. I think everyone should play their part in supporting libraries.
I also want to give a big shout out to KCLS - King County Library System - the library that I used so much and borrowed a ton of books from.

With this website, you have links to go directly to your local library, as well as amazon. You can find the books by age, genre and even series! This website is easy to use, and can really help you out a ton! Also, you can set the library settings so that the library links are to your county/city.

Creating This Site - bookvine.io

Before I started to build this website, I decided to use Webflow over some other websites like Wix. I started learning Webflow through the tutorials at Webflow University, which were super easy to follow and learn. What I like about Webflow is that the visuals are super clean and aesthetic, and so it is really easy to use. My dad helped me guide thru this process and also with the custom javascript coding that was required in some places. It took me over 6 months to slowly create this site amidst my school and other work. I think without webflow it would have been even longer. The reviews were written over the last 2 years, especially during Covid lockdown.
Also, the Startup You (SUY) program at my school, Indus International School, has been a great help to me for this website, teaching me about the design thinking process, and more. So thank you so much for that!

Hope you find the site useful and helps parents and kids easily find the next great read! 

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