Isaac Asimov



November 13, 2021

I think that Foundation is a really special book. It has 4 sections, each having its own setting, each one being set more than a decade apart. In the first section, this man, who is new to Tranton, the center of the Empire, meets Hari Seldon, a psychologist who can predict the future, with a percentage of that happening. Hari predicts that the Empire will completely collapse within 300 years, and it would take 1000 generations for the second Empire to emerge. So he had created a group called the Foundation, consisting of 100,000 people to create a book that woldu hold all the knowledge of the Galaxy, called Encyclopedia Galactica, and in doing so, reduce the time of war to 1000 years of suffering. However, the group is forced to move to a new home planet, which Hari had predicted and as such already prepared the group to move to the planet on the edge of the galaxy, called Terminus. They were forced to move because Hari Seldon had predicted the collapse of the Empire. In the next section, the people of Terminus are faced with a crisis, where 4 powerful planets are surrounding them, and they are completely vulnerable, with no defences but their intelligence. However, there is a timed vault that Hari Seldon set, and it was planned to open right as the crisis emerged. When the vault finally opens, 50 years after going to Terminus, and it reveals a hologram of Hari Seldon, who says that completing the Encyclopedia wasn’t important, but their very existence was, and it was key in reducing the time period between Empires from 30000 to 1000 years. He reveals that there will be crises, due to the way that a human is, and they will be “Seldon crisis.” The mayor of Terminus, Salvor Hardin proposes to play the enemy planets against each other. The plan succeeds and Terminus remains untouched. The next Seldon Crisis, which takes place 30 years later, ends up quite similar to the first one. I would really recommend this book to ages 10 and up, because I really feel like this is a quite special book.

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10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 year old kids