Moon Rising

Tui T. Sutherland

Moon Rising


November 15, 2021

Moon Rising features Mooonwatcher or Moon for short as the main character in this story.  Moon is a NightWing.  However, Moon is a special NightWing that can read minds.  If you read the previous books in this series, you would have learnt that NightWings haven’t had mind reading and prophecy telling powers in centuries.  The 5 Dragonets of Destiny have created a school at Jade Mountain.  35 students attend the school, 5 from each tribe.  SkyWings, SeaWings, SandWings, MudWings, RainWings, IceWings and NightWings.

As for rating, I would definitely rate this book 5 stars.  It starts out slowly at the start, gradually building momentum, and becoming extremely interesting after the climax.  This book was extremely interesting from start to finish, and there wasn’t a single part where I was bored.  The only fault that I could find was that this book started out a bit slowly.  However, like I said earlier, it becomes very interesting after the climax.

The book starts when Secretkeeper, Moon’s mother, goes to the rainforest to find the egg where Moon is going to hatch from..  When Moon hatched, Secretkeeper noticed that Moon wasn’t a normal NightWing.  Moon was colored a bright silver colour, instead of the usual black for NightWings.  So, Secretkeeper named the tiny baby dragonet Moonwatcher.  Then it goes forward 4 years, to where Moon is going to go to school for the first time.

Moon was extremely nervous and her mother tells her to keep safe and keep to yourself.  Secretkeeper was very aware that Moon could read minds and when Moon replies to some thoughts in her head, Secretkeeper tells her, don’t respond to whatever dragons around you are thinking.  Of all the dragons Moon had encountered, only a select few could block her mind reading.  Among them being Queen Glory of the RainWings.  When Anemone comes to school with Queen Coral, Tsunami, Anemone’s sister comes out to meet them.  She sees another dragon with them, Turtle.  When Queen Coral tells her that Turtle is her brother, Tsunami is extremely surprised.  When Turtle tells her that there are 32 of them, Tsunami is extremely surprised.  Moon was also surprised.  Turtle was completely able to block her mind reading.

Moon is in the Jade Winglet and there she meets Kinkajou as one of her clawmates.  Kinkajou was one of the NightWing prisoners when the NightWings captured more than 10 RainWIngs to develop something to protect them from the RainWings poison.  Kinkajou is a cheerful, happy dragonet.  They eventually become friends.  A mysterious voice talks with Moon in her mind, and it is eventually revealed that the voice was Darkstalker, an animus NightWing dragon.  There were myths about Darkstalker being a very evil, animus dragon who lived 2000 years ago and killed at least 20 dragons.  However, Darkstalker in real life was just a dragon who desperately wanted to get out of his prison.  An animus dragon 2000 years ago had put Dalkstalker into a sort of sleep where he couldn’t do anything but he couldn’t die.  However, after 2000 years, the spell became weaker and he was able to move his mind around and read minds.

After some time, Moon gets a premonition where the history room would explode and she tries to keep her friends out of the room.  She succeeds but there were already 3 dragons inside, one of them being Tamarin, a dragon who used to be the royal RainWing gardener.  Tamarin manages to live, but the other 2 dragons die.  After that, Moon is forced to reveal her powers…

The age rating for

Moon Rising

is for

8, 9 and 10 year old kids