One And Only Bob

Kathrine Applegate

One And Only Bob


September 1, 2023
Shresta R.

The One and Only Bob is a book by Katherine Applegate about a former stray dog named Bob who goes on a dangerous journey to rescue others. Bob's friends, Ivan the gorilla and Ruby the elephant, help him on his quest. As a hurricane approaches, Bob finds the courage to trust humans again and learns the meaning of friendship and family.  

Bob was thrown out of a truck as a puppy and left to live on the streets. He was adopted by Julia and her family, and for the first time in his life, he has two meals a day, a comfortable bed, and people who really love him. 

Bob's heroic quest is to rescue his missing nephew, who was swept away by a tornado. Bob is successful in his quest, and in the end, Boss and her baby are also adopted by George and Julia.

One And Only Bob is a follow up story of One And Only Ivan. This story is very funny and sad so I rate this great book 5 stars overall. Also I recommended this book to ages 8-10 because the vocabulary is easier to read.

The age rating for

One And Only Bob

is for

8, 9 and 10 year old kids