Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath

Cynthia Rylant

Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath


March 31, 2022
Shresta R.

In this funny story, Henry's furry companion, Mudge, has an enormous affection for frolicking in the mud. However, the looks of a bath fails to excite! Yet, an amusing twist arises when Henry decides to hop into the tub as well, leading to both of them emerging clean as crystals. Alas, the clean state doesn't last for too long…  

This book is very easy to read as it has very short lines and basic words, thus I recommend this book to ages 4-6. Overall Puppy Mudge Take A Bath is a very amusing story so I rate this book 4 Stars. There are other books in the series such as Puppy Mudge wants to play, Puppy Mudge finds a friend, Puppy Mudge has a snack and Puppy Mudge loves his blanket.

The age rating for

Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath

is for

4, 5, and 6 year old kids