Gordon Korman



November 7, 2021

Just like Ungifted, I think Supergifted is a really special book.  It has all the characteristics of Ungifted, like a lot of weird things.  There are just so many weird things in this book, like a 206 IQ genius wanting to get kicked out of gifted school, and wanting to get D’s in regular school.  Or trying to stop a maniac robot spitting golf balls at a crowd of more than a thousand.  The list just goes on..  Also, this book is absolutely 5 stars, I love it so much.  This is the second book in this series, so you should read Ungifted first.

The book starts with Noah, the 206 IQ guy getting kicked from the gift school, because he broke the rules by hacking into the school’s computers and taking Donovan’s test for him.  It was the greatest moment of his life (for him) and he started attending regular school.  Katie’s husband Brad comes back from his military deployment, and he starts changing everything.  A bit after Donovan gets into a fight, Noah tries to help him by going to the bully’s house.  However, Donovan finds out and manages to stop Noah, but while a person left his truck to deliver something, Noah calculated that the truck was too heavy for the brake on the slope and the truck would start rolling down the hill.  As always, Noah was correct, and the truck starts rolling down the hill.  Straight down into a house.  Donovan starts running down to turn the truck away, and missing the house by inches, he succeeds, but the truck goes right into a pool.  Him and Noah immediately desert the scene, and Donovan makes Noah promise not to tell anyone.  

But what happens next drives their friendship further and further apart, gets Noah famous, and a 1000+ people assembly for something special.

The age rating for


is for

8, 9 and 10 year old kids