Things Not Seen

Andrew Clements

Things Not Seen


August 29, 2022

One morning, one average, normal morning, Bobby finds out that his entire body has disappeared.  No one can see his body.  It’s still there, but it isn’t.  He has to learn to adapt to this, and it has to be kept a secret.  Even from the US government, and soon, there are people wondering about his whereabouts.  He has to try and find out why this happened, and how to reverse it.  His dad, a scientist, has a theory about his electric heated blanket, made by Sears.  After searching through documents, and many phone calls, he finds out that he is not alone.  Another person, three years ago, turned invisible, and she has stayed that way since.  

I really, really love this book, and it easily earns a 5 Star rating.  I would rate this book for ages 10 - 14, and I highly recommend reading this book.

The age rating for

Things Not Seen

is for

10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 year old kids