Gordon Korman



November 7, 2021

I think Ungifted is a very special book, because it really has a lot of elements together.  It starts when Donovan, a guy who just does stuff to see what happens, whacks a statue of Atlas with a stick during a basketball game.  But, the earth Atlas is holding up rolls down the hill, causing absolute pandemonium, and thousands of dollars worth in repairs.  

He is called to the superintendent's office, and he says they will talk tomorrow.  However, the superintendent forgets Donovan’s name, and he gets selected for the gifted program.  However, everyone at the gifted program is super gifted, and Donovan doesn’t understand a thing, but he ends up making friends with some of them, and he makes them all a true team.  He also brings in his sister to teach things about health.  But because Donovan isn’t supposed to be in the Academy, he has to take a test, and he doesn’t know anything, but a person remotely hacks in and controls Donovan’s mouse, allowing him to pass the test.  Then, the Superintendent remembers Donovan’s name and comes over immediately to the Academy.  

Donovan is removed from the Academy and has to scrub the earth ball for 20 hours…  This is just simply amazing.  That’s it.  5 out of 5 stars for sure, and I will probably never forget this book.

The age rating for


is for

8, 9 and 10 year old kids