Series Review:

The entire adventure of Aru Shah started with the lighting of a lamp.  Because of that, demons have been defeated, evil unleashed, and family discovered, and lost.  The Sleeper has been unleashed on the world, and Aru and her sisters have to travel through dimensions, fight 10 headed demons, and so much more.

This series is about Indian mythology, and is actually super enjoyable to read.  You can even learn quite a few things about Indian mythology, and you can easily lose yourself, and lose track of the world while reading these books, engrossed in these mythical creatures, and fantasy stories.  

I can easily rate this 5 Stars, and I can easily recommend this for ages 8+.  Also keep in mind that there are currently 4 books in this series by Roshani Choksi, and there is going to be a 5th, and final book to the Pandava Quintet, so if you are going to, or already have read all the current books, you should definitely keep an eye out for that.  

In conclusion, I can easily recommend this to basically anyone, especially if you are looking into Indian mythology, and want to have fun as well.  

Aru Shah
is recommended for
8, 9 and 10 year old kids.