Series Review:

July 16, 2023

This is an amazing beginner series to read.  This will be really interesting for younger readers, with short books that still have a great feel and flow to them.  After finishing one book, you immediately want to go to the next, and continue the adventure.  Each book brings you to another adventure, in which the 5 can stop anyone.  However, once you get older, this really does lose its appeal, especially as a teenager.  

This series depicts Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog.  Together they hunt down robbers, look for gold, join a circus and so much more unbelievable things.  This is super interesting to read when you start, and it seems like you just can’t stop.  

I would definitely recommend this for ages 6+, as that is the main area of interest for this book, in my opinion, and I can easily rate this 5 Stars. If you like this series, other amazing series to read are Geronimo Stilton and The Penderwicks. 

The Famous Five
is recommended for
6, 7 and 8 year old kids