Legacy of Orisha

Tomi Adeyemi


Series Review:

May 4, 2024

Simply put, this is an amazing series.  There is so much attention to detail, creativity, and effort put into this series, and it shows.  I love every single aspect of this book, including the characters, the plot, and excitement you get when reading this.  I would give this series an age rating of 10+ because of the violence and the relative complexity, but it easily gets a 5 Star rating because of how many fantastic elements it has.

In this series Zelie and her friends are fighting against the monarchy to undo the destruction brought upon their kind 11 years ago, in the Raid.  Hundreds of Maji, people who can cast and control magic were slaughtered, including her own mother.  She has to complete an ancient ritual to bring back magic, but there are many, many obstacles in her path. 

Legacy of Orisha
is recommended for
10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 year old kids