Series Review:

July 16, 2023

Press Start is an amazing series for young readers, just starting out.  It is a basic chapter book, about a character named Super Rabbit Boy.  He goes through many adventures, racing, rescuing his friends, going to an opposite dimension, etc.  

This series will really appeal to young readers, ages 6 - 8.  After that, it becomes very simple, small and boring, especially after reading some other, longer chapter books like Harry Potter and Land of Stories.  

This series is an amazing introduction to small chapter books, for younger readers.  It is fun to read, there are no complicated elements, and very easy to understand.  

I can rate it 4.5 Stars, because of how good of a beginner series it is, but also because this series becomes extremely boring, small, and simple later on.  I would recommend this to anyone who is 6 - 8, but I would have serious hesitation if I wanted to recommend this to anyone above that age. 

Press Start!
is recommended for
6, 7 and 8 year old kids