The Chronicles of Narnia

C.S Lewis


Series Review:

July 25, 2023

This is a series, full of adventure, fantasy, excitement, battles and magic.  There are many more things as well.  This is a great series.  Don’t be put off because of the length of these books.  They are super enjoyable, and they just flow by extremely quickly.   This is an extremely popular series, and I highly recommend that you should read the series.  

This series is about adventures through different lands, the creation of Narnia, the discovery by normal people, sailing to the edge of the world, and more.  The series keeps your interest throughout, and the books describe the story, with so much detail and effort.  

I can easily recommend this for kids ages 8+ because of how easy to understand and enjoy it is, despite the length. Also, the story itself is very well suited for younger readers, hence my rating. The size might be daunting, but you can split it up, and you will definitely enjoy reading the books in this series, engrossed by every aspect of the books. Because of this, I can easily rate this series 5 Stars.

The Chronicles of Narnia
is recommended for
8, 9 and 10 year old kids