The Land of Stories

Chris Colfer

Series Review:

This series is all about traveling into a magic world, where all fairytales are real, Jack and the Beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty, and so much more.  It brings a whole new world of imagination, excitement, laughter, and fantasy. 

While reading these books a few years ago, it just brought so many things to my mind.  It also brings a whole new perspective to mind while reading.  You think of the fairytale world, could possibly, secretly exist?  Could there actually be a potion that lets you travel into books?  That and so much makes this series incredible.  

Kids will absolutely enjoy this masterpiece of a series, especially younger kids.  This is a perfect blend of Fantasy and Adventure, and something that might seem so childish, can appeal to older readers as well.  This can even be a go to intro chapter books for younger readers.  It can be a bit long, but it is super easy to understand, and not complicated at all.  With everything that this series has to offer when reading, there is no doubt that this is a 5 Star rating.