Series Review:

July 20, 2023

The Unwanteds Series is honestly just amazing.  There are so many great aspects about this series, from the characters and detail to the storyline and plot.  There is so much depth to this series, while being extremely understandable and easy to follow along.  This series is an easy 5 Star rating, and I would recommend this series to ages 8+, because of how easy to understand and enjoyable it is, while being age appropriate.

In this series, in a land named Quill, there is no creativity.  Everything is designed to be as efficient as possible.  In order to survive in Quill, you must be useful.  Being creative and artistic was a death sentence, literally.  One day a year, on the day of the Purge, all 13 year olds are lined up.  There are the Wanteds, who are the elites of Quill, the strongest and smartest.  There are the Necessaries, who are the labor force of Quill.  They have different jobs, like farming, cleaning, burying, etc.  Finally, there are the Unwanteds, who are deemed too weak, creative or artistic to live in Quill.  They are sent to their deaths.  However, unknown to the residents of Quill they are sent to the magical land of Artime, where they learn all forms of art and magic.  Alexander Stowe is one of those Unwanteds.  He has to cope with everything that comes with arriving at a magical land, one that will soon be wanted destroyed by Quill…

The Unwanteds
is recommended for
8, 9 and 10 year old kids