Series Review:

March 17, 2024

The Unwanted Quests is a continuation series of The Unwanteds.  However the main characters in this series are Fifer and Thisbe, Alex’s younger sisters.  I absolutely loved this series when reading it, just like I loved The Unwanteds.

In this series, Fifer and Thisbe discover the land of the dragons, outside of their 7 island chain. However, it is ruled by a ruthless tyrant called the Revinir.  There are dragons that need their help, but the sisters’ magic is proven to be uncontrollable and inconsistent.  It isn’t there for them when they need it the most, but it has killed innocent animals.  They need to figure out a way to control their magic, and save the land of the dragons.

I would give this series an age rating of 8+ because just like The Unwanteds, it is super understandable and enjoyable, while being age appropriate. I can easily give this series a rating of 4.5 Stars. However, I feel like it just wasn't on the same level as the Unwanteds.

The Unwanteds Quests
is recommended for
8, 9 and 10 year old kids