The Foundation Series

Isaac Asimov


Series Review:

February 25, 2024

Foundation, by Isaac Asimov.  Possibly the greatest and most well-known sci-fi series to date.  It might be the greatest sci-fi series ever.  It is easily in my top 5 series that I have ever read.  It is a thrilling story, about the galaxy, its inhabitants, and the fight for Terminus.  How a single planet, in a galaxy of millions, must save it.  Save it from thousands of years of fighting.  They are the Foundation.  The Foundation of the Second empire.  

This was so, so fun and exciting to read.  The books make so many unexpected twists and turns.  This series also seemed to have underlying plots and themes, making it excellent to read.  This is a series that flows along, taking you along for the ride while you take in all the details, the characters, planets and technology, several thousands of years ahead of us.  

I think this series can be read by ages 10+, because there are a multitude of inappropriate topics such as murder and violence.  I can recommend it without hesitation to anyone above that age.  Anyone can pick up this series, and immediately like it.  It seems so complex with all underlying themes and plots, but yet so simple to read and understand, and because of that, I can easily rate this 5 Stars.  In conclusion, this is an excellent series that appeals to all.  The storyline has loads of twists and turns, with complex themes, yet extremely simple to read, and easy to understand. 

The Foundation Series
is recommended for
10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 year old kids