The Royal Ranger

John Flanagan

Series Review:

This is one one of the best series I have ever read.  It is super good, and really fun and enjoyable.  I had so much fun while reading, and I know that you likely will too.  This series is stuffed full of detail, excitement, and suspense.  I never really felt bored while reading, and I know that this is a great series that anyone can read.  

I can recommend this series for anyone who is 8 and up.  Books that are simple and easy to read, but have a feeling of depth to them.  They are very interesting to read, and keep you captivated with the book throughout.  Every page kept you excited and interested, every page brought something new.  

I can easily rate this series 5 Stars.  Also, this is an ongoing series, and there was a new release a few months ago.  (Late 2021)  This series tells you about the adventures of a teenage girl, Maddie, as she becomes a Ranger, fights a rebellion, and more.  Anyone will find some interest in this series, and really enjoy reading it.