The Best Sci-Fi Books and Series for Tweens

August 27, 2023

There are a lot of different sci-fi books, and it can be hard to choose from all the different options. Some of them may not be age appropriate, and others might just be really boring. So here are the best sci-fi books and series for tweens.

Children of Time is an incredible sci-fi book set at multiple points in the future, ranging from hundreds of years to thousands of years. In this books, humanity is nearing extinction after the death of all on earth. There is one spaceship with tens of thousands of people in suspension - a way of freezing a body to avoid aging during the centuries of space travel. As the Gilgamesh and it’s cargo travel through space trying to find a refuge for the last of humanity, then discover a planet which has been transformed by previous attempts from humans to plant life on it. However, they don’t know what awaits them on it. 

Artemis Fowl is a series that will always remain in my heart. This was one of the first sci-fi books I ever read, and I just love it so much. In this series, Artemis Fowl discovers that fairies exist, and they are not some myth or legend. While first enemies, they grow into trusted friends and partners. They fight together against evil pixies, demons, the Mafia, and an eccentric American billionaire. 

The Aurora Cycle is another series set far into the future. In this universe, humans have discovered and allied with various species across the galaxy. Unfortunately, a rebel group of one of the allied species of humans has started war across the galaxy, threatening to destroy entire star systems. Unknown to most, there is another force rising up in the galaxy. It has waited for a million years, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Divergent is a sci-fi series set in the future, a dystopian world where genetic experiments on humanity have gone wrong. Society is seperated into 5 factions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Everyone undergoes a test to see which faction would be the best fit for them. The Divergent are people who do not belong in one group, and should be killed if found to be Divergent. When Tris takes the test, her administrator tells her that she might be one of them.

The Illuminae Files are a sci-fi series set into the far future where travel between areas of the galaxy are quick and easy. In this series, for reasons not completely known, a mega corporation has put the might of their space fleet into attacking a small outpost mining planet. 2 ships have escaped, but with an insane AI onboard, can they escape?

Leviathan is a steampunk and sci-fi series by Scott Westerfeld. It is set in an alternate version of World War 1, with the Darwinists fighting the Clankers. The Darwinists use fabricated animals such as flying whale ships as their weaponry, while the Clankers use massive metal machines, filled with weaponry. Alek is the prince of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and ally of the Clankers. However, he is forced to flee from his home, along with a loyal band of soldiers. And in an unlikely event, a Darwinist fabricated ship crash lands right where he and his crew are taking refuge.

Uglies is another sci-fi series by Scott Westerfeld, set hundreds of years in the future. In society, everyone at the age of 16 undergoes an operation that transforms their looks from ugly and imperfect to beautiful and flawless. They officially become one of the “Pretties”. However, concealed by the directors of the operation, those who undergo the operation also become more complacent - more likely to accept whatever the government says, and less likely to rise up in protest. When Tally’s best friend Shay leaves the city to join the rebels, Tally is denied her operation due to her connection with Shay. She is instructed to go and find the Rebels, if she wants the operation. When she does eventually find them, she is faced with a dilemma. Betray the rebels and her best friends, or throw away everything she thought she knew. 

Things Not Seen is a sci-fi book by Andrew Clements set in the present. One morning, Bobby wakes up and can’t see himself in the mirror. To his surprise, he has become completely invisible. Both of his parents can’t figure out what happened, so, fearing investigation, him and his family try to hide the secret. Bobby can still go outside, because he is completely invisible. He ends up meeting a blind girl, and together, they try to solve the mystery of his invisibility.