Series Review:

Now this isn’t exactly a series.  There are several series by Gordan Korman, like Masterminds or Kidnapped, but there are quite a few books that are singular books, like Restart, Ungifted, No More Dead Dogs, and more.  This review will be on the singular books, but I do have separate series for the other Gordan Korman books.  

What I absolutely loved about the books made by Gordan Korman is that they are so, so engaging.  There is just so much detail put into those books, and the amount of effort is incredible.  Some of my personal favorites include Schooled, Linked, and Ungifted.  Out of the series created by Gordan Korman, my favorites would be the Masterminds Series and the Everest Series.  The Masterminds Series could easily go into my top 5 series that I have read.  

The books made by Gordan Korman usually have the main character be a middle or high school student, and most of the other perspectives are usually the same age as well.  I think a big theme in these books is that even if you are different, you can still fit in.  This is easily apparent in books, such as Schooled, Ungifted, No More Dead Dogs, and more.  Also the genre in these books is realistic-fiction.  

In the end, the books written by this author are just incredibly amazing to read, and are my number 1 recommendation to middle school and high school students.  I would rate this series for ages 10+, mostly because these books are all about middle or high school students.  Of course, this is a 5 Star rating, and I am sure that these books can grab the interest of basically anyone.

Gordon Korman Books
is recommended for
10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 year old kids.