5 Best Book Series An 8 Year Old Should Read

May 23, 2023

There are many exciting series that an 8-year-old can read, and it may be hard to pick from all of the options. These are some of my most recommended series that an 8-year-old should read. 

  1. Harry Potter

          Harry Potter is an amazing classic that I believe everyone should read. It has good reason for the praise that it receives while being relatively easy for a younger reader. It is action-packed and full of detail, and super enjoyable to read.

  1. The Unwanteds

          The Unwanteds is a series full of magic and adventure. The series is about a magical land and its inhabitants hiding from an oppressive ruler. It is super easy and fun to read, and you just fly through the pages. It is an amazing fantasy series for young readers who like adventure and action.

  1. The Land of Stories

          The Land of Stories is a fantastic fantasy series to read for those looking for a magical adventure. In this series, Alex and Conner Bailey accidentally travel into a magic world, where all fairy tales are real, and they have to find a way to escape it. It has a great appeal for younger readers, and will definitely captivate their attention.

  1. The Inheritance Cycle

          The Inheritance Cycle is a fantasy series with dwarves, dragons, and elves. The dragons have almost died out, and it is up to Eragon and his dragon to free his land from tyranny. It has an adventure theme throughout the series, and always keeps you interested

  1. Artemis Fowl

          Artemis Fowl will always be an amazing series to read for 8-year-olds looking for a sci-fi book. This series is full of magic and technology, with an underground civilization of fairies, goblins, sprites, trolls, and more. The fairies have remained hidden from humans for thousands of years, but Artemis and his bodyguard, Butler, want to change that.